No Research About Us, Without Us.

Thinklusive are working with organisations across the UK as a co-applicant on the ‘No Research About Us, Without Us’ research project.

This research is funded by the National Institute for Health and Social Care (NIHR) Programme Development Grant Scheme – Developing Innovative, Inclusive and Diverse Public Partnerships Call 2023

About the project

People with a learning disability are often excluded from research and not enough is done to support people with learning disability to understand and take part in research.

This project is made up of about 25 people including:

  • Self-advocates with a learning disability
  • Support workers
  • National learning disability organisations (including Learning Disability England)
  • Accessible communication experts
  • Professional researchers
  • The National Health Service

We will examine the barriers stopping research from including people with a learning disability. 

More information about the project

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