At Thinklusive we champion inclusion, equality and clarity. We work in co-production to design, create and review information.

  • We want the way that we communicate to act as an influencer of good practice.
  • We support service transformation by creating new ways of communicating ideas and information.
  • We support health and social care organisations to meet their statutory obligations under the Accessible Information Standard.

Who we are

Max Clark, Graphic Designer

Max, a Graphic Designer, founded Thinklusive because he is passionate about increasing the quality of information provided to people with communication needs. Max strives to ensure the ethos of Thinklusive centres around supportive, partnership working. Max has worked in the health and social care sector for the last 10 years. He has worked on accessible documents for health and social care locally, regionally and nationally.

Ian Dunstan, Accessibility Consultant

Ian at Thinklusive

Ian works with Thinklusive to help ensure the language in our projects is clear. He is meticulous in detail, spotting errors, and making sure what we are communicating is of the highest clarity. Ian believes people should have as much information as possible, so they can make informed decisions about their life. 

Tom Hunt, Financial Advisor

Tom supports Thinklusive as a Financial Advisor. Tom works in financial services and offers expertise in this area.

Harry Clark, Artistic Advisor

Harry supports Thinklusive as an artistic director. Harry works as a videographer + photographer and offers expertise on projects and external communications.